Wedding Music options

Congratulations, you’re engaged… what next ?

Well once your initial excitement declines you’ll no doubt start thinking about planning your big day. At some point during this planning the discussion about music will arise. Of course, this discussion would probably be had first with your fiancĂ©, but inevitably, your family may offer their input too based upon their own experience.

There are several moments throughout each bridal couples’ day where music plays an important part of setting the mood. I’ll briefly outline some of these here, and each will be discussed at length in their own post.

Items for which you’ll most probably use music (suits most locations):

At your ceremony:

  • pre ceremony music: played whilst guests are gathering prior to ceremony
  • ceremony music: played whilst the bride walks down the isle, signing of the registry, and lastly as the bride and groom depart by walking down the isle and the guests depart for photos.

At your reception:

  • traditionally, after the guests have arrived at the wedding reception they have pre dinner drinks/canapĂ©s in the foyer or outdoors before entering the reception ballroom. This is when the bride and groom may normally be having their photos taken with family. During this time music creates an atmosphere which sets up the rest of the night, it’s the prelude to the evening for guests and a perfect time to showcase some special tunes.
  • This is when guests enter the ballroom and the official celebration begins. From this moment on, your choice of music entertainment can make or break the entire days events for you.

So, hopefully this has started you thinking about how you might use music at your own wedding.

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